There are plenty of reasons to watch the HBO series Game of Thrones, and that includes the great books. You can’t really miss the eye candy that pops up here and there throughout the now 5 seasons that have aired on TV.  There has been gorgeous, brave and funny men to droll over, and sadly some of them we have lost in the new season R.I.P But alive or death we can still appreciate their handsomeness. So I’ve mentioned a couple of them below;

Jon Snow

Khal Drogo

Robb Stark

Jaime Lannister 

There is the adorable British Jon snow, with his dark curls, which I would NEVER turn down.
Khal Drogo, who I know is not my usual type, but come on girls? How can you say no to that body?
Robb Stark  who is a mommy’s boy, and he is the type of guy you should marry. Jaime Lannister of course had to be included for national reasons (Danish). Even if he has a freaky relationship with his sister, I wouldn’t mind going out with him.

xoxo Rim E. F.

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