When I hear the word fall I think of maxi coats and jeans. I love the waterfall coats I've included in this collage above and they can be bought at sites like Missguided, Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Miss Pap and so on. Very affordable and since it's a loose fit I would say they fit all body types :-)

If you're tired of your regular jeans; you can always switch it up. There's lots of jeans with zippers and biker details. Zara's got a pair of black jeans with zippers like the ones in the collage. Other than that you can always go with a pair of black coated jeans. They're kind of like leather pants but more subtle.
A basic top that is a must to me is the long sleeve turtleneck. It's so classy and timeless that I recommend everyone to own a couple in different colors and textures. When it comes to knitted sweaters, if you want to switch it up you can always go with an off shoulder sweater. It's very classy and can be worn almost anytime, and even at college if you dare. 
As for boots, I love Timberland's and I promised myself I would be buying myself a pair of black ones this fall. Love to match these edgy boots with a bomber or leather jacket. Another must is the pointed toe stiletto boots. Also very classy and timeless. Personally I prefer them in suede, but if you want a more edgy look I'd recommend them in leather. In this collage they're all black but I can't say I don't love a pair of light grey knee high boots in suede!

Since fall means that we cover up a lot I recommend you to invest in good shoes and quality bags. If you can, always go with real leather (bags), if you have the money to it(I dont). If you like me and only get SU and therefor can't afford a designer bag, there's always the life saver Ebay. And there's a lot of real leather designer inspired bags on the market, it's not that hard to find! 
Hope this helped you with some inspiration for your fall wardrobe!

xoxo Rim E. F.

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