We’ve all worn a red lip before with the expectation of looking like a poised, classy and perfect channel model but within the first hour of having applied that perfect coat of red lip varnish it either ends up on your teeth or disappearing entirely. As I constantly wear red lips as a statement I have had every single lippy malfunction there is on the face of the earth happen to me, so I know how hard it can be to find the perfect red lip that lasts for hours and stays on your lips not your teeth…
Over the last 5 years I’ve developed a lot of trust issues with red lipstick although its supplied me with some great memories of epic outfits and perfect makeup looks it’s also betrayed me, there have been countless times where I’ve put on a red lip that I thought was perfect that I later found out to make me look like a clown… and I don’t mean the kind of clown from your childhood that makes you a balloon animal and blows cute little bubbles at you I’m referring to the clown in your nightmares the one that wants to cut you up into little pieces, more like the clown from the season Freak Show by American Horror Story and no body wants to look like that.
So as a result of these traumatic lipstick scenarios I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect red lip and I can say that Ive both found it and haven’t found it at the same time, and here’s where I have to let you all know and beware spoiler alert, THERE IS NO PERFECT RED LIP !
That’s correct I can’t tell you what the perfect red lip is, it’s all circumstantial and by circumstantial I mean the perfect red lip depends on what skin tone you have, what blush you’re wearing and what colours and tones you’re wearing at the time. In saying that I’ve put together a variety of red lipsticks from a few different brands that perform perfectly they all have a slightly different tone and colour to match many different skin tones and colour ways.

 These are just a few red lipsticks from my collection and in my opinion they’re the best of the bunch, most of these lipsticks have a matte finish and last anywhere between 2-4 hours before having to reapply. If you are new to bold lips then I’m going to suggest Lady Danger by Mac or for a more creamy option theres Lana by Nars, they’re my ‘go to’ lipsticks and I can honestly say they suit every skin tone,  this is my top seven red lipsticks in order of preference.

1# Nars – Lana
            2# Mac- Lady danger 
                           3# Sportsgirl- Almost Famous
                     4#Chanel- La Somptueuse
        5# Nars- Annabella
       6# Mac- Ruby Woo
      7# Mac- So Chaud
xoxo Rim E. F. 

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