I’ve never been a fit or even a healthy person, don’t get me wrong I’ve had my moments where I took part in crazy health fads like skinny teas, smoothie only diets and lets not forget that time when I did the lemon detox and almost went bat shit crazy and died from starvation, but other than that I’ve never been a health conscious person.
However as of recent with the popularity of nutrition and health being on the rise I’ve started to become aware of the fact that maybe perhaps I need to be more health conscious.
In terms of weight loss and fitness I honestly believe that nothing works except hard work and eating healthy (well relatively healthy anyway, we cant be good all the time.) and I understand more than anyone how hard it is to wake up that half an hour earlier and go for a run or head to the gym, believe me when I say I know how it feels to hit the snooze button and close my eyes and go back to bed instead of just biting the bullet and getting straight into your workout. Going to the gym isn’t even the hard part, the struggle really beings when you go to eat that chocolate coated cookie that you know has a soft marshmallow centre with the perfect amount of strawberry jam that just crumbles and melts in your mouth, thats the hard part… and Ive often fallen victim to the concept of eating healthy for one day and waking up the next morning to find that I’m not skinny…? Unfortunately I’ve learnt that its just not that easy.
After coming to this heartbreaking realisation I made plans to begin a workout and fitness routine that would help me lose weight but more importantly help me to become fit and healthy. After about 2 minutes of research I got bored and turned to Instagram and after only 2-4 hours of scrolling through my feed I happened to be filled with lots of inspiration. A bonus is the fact that my bestie Minela also has the same mentality, and it just makes it a lot more fun to workout with a good friend <3 
I can already tell that the next 12 weeks will be hard and I’m assuming that it’s going to hurt to sit down for a little while but I can only hope that it wont kill me and maybe I’ll come out of this a slightly more healthy person.

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